A Quick Look at Arc Welding Equipment and Methods

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E-Weld is your premium supplier of Arc Welding Equipment in South Africa. The Term ‘Arc Welding Equipment’ to all the equipment related to the process of Arc Welding and includes plugs and clamps, holders, magnets, cables, steel brushes, cable lugs and chipping hammers. There are a number of different methods and processes used in order to produce a successful weld, the most common of which is termed ‘Arc welding’. This is a technique whereby the fusion of metals is achieved through the utilisation of heat produced by an electric arc. MIG and stick welding fall into the category of arc welding, as do the following welding methods:

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) – welders may know this technique as MIG welding, a cost effective and simple method used to produce a clean and successful weld.

Flux-core arc welding (FCAW) – this method of welding is commonly used when welding metals that are thick in nature and makes use of various flux filled tubular electrodes.

Plasma arc welding (PAW) – during this process, gas and electrodes which are ionised are used to produce high temperature plasma streams. These streams are directed are the area which requires welding. This method often used by welders who are working to produce deep, narrow welds.

Gas tungsten arc welding – this technique utilises tungsten electrodes to produce the heat required to perform a weld. Gas tungsten arc welding is often referred to as TIG welding and is popular amongst welders who are working on a thin weld.

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) – welders often utilise this technique has a long and successful history and is often seen on construction sites.

Submerged arc welding – offers heat the potential to reach deeper than that of most welding techniques. Flux is actively fed into the area of the weld and results in a protective layer.

Here at E-weld, we endeavour to meet all of your Arc Welding Equipment needs. You can easily reach us by sending an email to sales@e-weld.co.za or feel free to give us a call on +27 87 802 2122, with any welding related question you may have. E-Weld would also like to extend an invitation to you, to pay us a visit at our headquarters which are located at Unit 2, Princess Square on the corner of Elise and President roads in Princess, Roodepoort, where you can receive one-on-one assistance from one of our welding specialists.

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