At E-weld, you can choose from a wide selection of Harris Gas Equipment, everything from quality torch mounts to cutting attachments and regulators. The Harris Gas Equipment on offer at E-Weld is supplied by the Harris Products Group, a subsidiary of The Lincoln Electric Company since J.W Harris Co merged with Harris Calorific in 2006. With the company’s headquarters located in Santa Fe Springs, California, the Harris Products Group is considered to be a global pioneer in the field of design and the manufacturing of welding related equipment, their products are officially sold in upwards of 90 different countries. The Harris Products Group specialises in development and production of alloys, cutting, brazing, soldering and welding equipment.

The Lincoln Electric Company has been in business for over a century,  it was founded by John C. Lincoln in 1895 and is now listed as a Fortune 1000 company. Their business model is renowned with a net income of approximately 217 million US dollars and is reported to be one of the most studied business models at the Harvard Business School. The Lincoln Electric Company has 44 different manufacturing locations globally, everywhere from Australia to Slovakia and Venezuela. They also operate The Lincoln Foundation and The Lincoln Welding School, which was founded all the way back in 1917. Since its inception, the Lincoln Welding School has trained no less than 100 000 people in a variety of welding disciplines including the processes of arc welding and safety.

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