There are three basic types of Welding Machinery that are used by craftsmen today. Each one has a unique capability that offers exceptional advantages (or disadvantages) for the metal craftsman. Learning which of these welding machinery is the best fit for your workshop really depends on what you want to weld in most of your projects.

The most common type of machine being used is the basic arc (or stick) welder. These machines utilize inexpensive welding rods that are held by a clamp handle at the end of the positive lead. This welder is the least costly of the three to purchase, however it requires a moderate level of skill and experience to get a quality weld. Regardless of the possibility that you are a total amateur to welding, you should be able to spot weld metal together with minimal effort with an arc welder. With time and experience, you will eventually figure out how to control the temperature and speed of your weld to produce good quality ‘beads’ on steel. An extra advantage of the stick welding machinery is its capacity to weld dirty and rust-covered metals.

Another common type of welding machinery that is extremely well known is the MIG welder. A MIG welder basically operates like an arc welder, but the machine uses a spool of small diameter wire that is fed automatically through the welding gun instead of the stick welding rods used in the arc welder. Compressed gas, such as, Argon or an Argon mix will likewise be utilized during the MIG welding process to keep impurities in the air from damaging the weld.

The MIG welder is known to be the least demanding welder for beginners to learn and operate, and you can certainly get excellent welds with a MIG setup. Numerous auto body experts prefer the MIG welder for repairing and fabricating small-diameter auto-mobile sheet metal. Consequently, the MIG welder is also a good choice for serious metal artists. Experienced welders know that thin diameter metal can often be over-powered and burned by regular arc (stick) welding machines.

Lastly, there’s the TIG welder which is like welding with an acetylene and oxygen torch, but no torch is necessary. Its positive lead is a small gun that generates the welding arc when it gets close to the ground metal. A shielding gas is used along with a unique type of TIG welding rod that requires no flux. This welding machinery is used to make high quality welds that are very strong. They can also be used to join non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.