Established in 1924 by inventor Raymond E. DeWalt, the company has been a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker since it was taken over in 1960. DeWalt Equipment covers a wide range of power and hand tools intended for the woodworking, construction and manufacturing trades. At E-Weld you can find an array of DeWalt Equipment available for purchase, including grinders, drills and cut off saws.

Raymond E. DeWalt worked construction and mill jobs after leaving school, as a result he was aware of the cost of labour. As a young man he worked his way up to head of a woodworking mill, eager to increase production amongst his employees is what prompted his initial invention of the radial arm saw. He achieved this goal by creating a ‘yoke’ which he then attached to a saw and proceeded to mount his creation on a standardised arm, allowing the saw to become movable and flexible (this was the primitive version of DeWalt’s radial arm saw).

Raymond E. DeWalt then created the first official radial arm saw in 1922, after becoming the superintendent at Seabrook Farms. DeWalt Equipment was then officially founded in 1924 with its offices located in Leola, Pennsylvania. Sometime later the company’s head office was moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

At present DeWalt vends over 200 different power tools and these tools are accompanied by a selection of, at least, 800 accessories. The development of this extensive collection of products was made possible only after DeWalt’s acquisition of the German power tool manufacturers ELU, whose technology was used to increase the quality and number of products in the DeWalt Equipment range.

Although DeWalt was originally based in the United States, 2002 saw them move production to China, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

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