At E-Weld, we have a wide variety of MIG Welders available for purchase. While we can make access to MIG Welders easy for you, E-weld would also like to arm you with tips to bear in mind while using this specialised equipment.

Something important to remember is the value of a good contact between your earth clamp and vehicle. Resistance to corrosion and clamp force should be considered when purchasing a clamp.

You should carefully consider the best technique for achieving a good-looking, clean edge weld. Due to excess heat not having a good escape route when welding an edge, it is not uncommon to see the edge melt. This will result in an untidy looking weld so think it through and be sure to practice on scraps.

An issue that is common to the process of welding is the difficulty in attempting to weld thick metal to thinner metal. Some welders suggest use of a high amp setting to ensure the necessary metal penetration for your weld and recommend that you make adequate contact between the sheets you mean to weld. Again, you will find that experimenting, practice and research is the best way in which to determine the technique is best suited to the needs of your current weld.

Hurry up and pay the welding specialists at E-Weld a visit to get your hands on top-notch MIG Welders at great prices. E-Weld is located at Unit number 2 in Princess Square on the corner of Elsie and President Roads in Princess, Roodepoort. You can also reach us via email at or call us on +27 87 802 2122; we are happy to assist you with any advice and facts you may be in need of to make informed decisions when purchasing welding equipment.