Arc eye is a condition sometimes experienced by welders when they do not take the necessary steps needed to properly protect themselves. Safety Equipment is a necessary and important part of you welding equipment kit. Once you are correctly geared for welding, you will not need to worry about arc eye, a painful condition characterised by excessive tears, the constant twitching of the eyelid, constricting pupils and intense discomfort when exposed to a bright light. The symptoms are the result of significant exposure to ultraviolet radiation generated by the arc produced during the welding process and a person generally remains unaware of the overexposure for many hours afterwards. It tends to make itself known only when the symptoms begin to appear.

Arc eye, otherwise known as Photokeratits or welder’s flash, is a curable ailment and in some cases takes as little as 24 hours to heal. Isolating yourself in a dark room, avoiding the rubbing of the eyes and wearing sunglasses while you wait for the symptoms to subside are all helpful tips when dealing with this condition but with the correct Safety Equipment arc eye is also completely avoidable.

With all this in mind E-weld strongly recommends that you add a top notch welding mask and goggles to your collection of welding supplies. All the necessary Safety Equipment is readily available to purchase through E-weld and we encourage you to ask our staff any questions you may have regarding the vital Safety Equipment necessary in order to avoid arc eye.

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