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E-Weld Online offers free demonstrations and advice on every one of our Gas Products, as well as numerous other products that we supply.

Safety Advice:

We at E-Weld Online consider the safety of our clients and staff to be of extreme importance. We are here to help you with any concerns you may have, be it cylinder storage or handling of cylinders or material safety data.

Our People:

We believe in investing in our staff to provide you with the right products, right approach to ensure that you receive the highest standards with the most competitive prices to save you money. All our staff have been trained to furnish you with best service.

Industrial Gas Products:

Gas welding with oxygen and acetylene:

Acetylene is utilized with oxygen and is a highly recommended fuel gas for welding and cutting of metals due to its high flame temperature. Oxy-acetylene produces a flame temperature in excess of 6000 degrees making it perfect for welding and cutting.


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  • Argon


    Argon (Ar) is a monatomic, chemically inert gas which constitutes slightly less than 1% of the air. Its gaseous specific gravity is 1.38 and its boiling point is 302.6°F (185.9°C). Argon is colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Commercial argon is the product of cryogenic air separation, whereby liquefaction and distillation processes are used to produce a low-purity ‘crude’ argon product which is then purified to produce the commercial product.

    Argon is used primarily for its properties as an inert gas in applications such as arc welding, steel-making, heat treating, and electronics manufacturing.

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  • Map Pro


    GAS MAP-Pro 400g unit

    Ideal for medium to heavy soldering and brazing.

    Flame temperature in air: 3600F BTU 433

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  • Bernzo Oxy Refill


    GAS OXYGEN 40.1G UNI1072

    Ideal for Brazing/Welding

    Flame temperature dependent on Fuel Gas.

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  • Bernzomatic Propane


    GAS PROPANE 400G Unit UNI1075

    Ideal for general soldering.

    Flame Temperature in air: 3450F BTU 255

    Registered as clean air Gas “1992”

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  • c02


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable and slightly acidic liquefied gas. CO2 is heavier than air and soluble in water.

    CO2is produced industrially by using sources of CO2 obtained through processes in the petrochemical industry, or by burning natural gas in cogeneration processes. Air Products supplies CO2 to customers worldwide as a liquefied gas. It is delivered under pressure in steel cylinders and refrigerated in thermally insulated containers.

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  • oxygen Suppliers


    Oxygen (O2) constitutes approximately 21% of the air, has a gaseous specific gravity of 1.1, and has a boiling point of -297.3°F (-183°C). Oxygen is produced by air separation processes that use either cryogenic liquefaction and distillation or vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) separation. Oxygen can be stored and shipped as either a gas or a cryogenic liquid.

    The principal uses of oxygen stem from its strong oxidising and life-sustaining properties. It is used in medicine for therapeutic purposes and in the metals industry for steelmaking and metal-cutting applications. In the chemical and petroleum industries, oxygen is used in the production of a wide variety of fuels and chemicals. In the pulp and paper industry, oxygen is used for a variety of applications, including pulp bleaching, black liquor oxidation, and lime kiln enrichment. In the glass industry, oxygen/fuel combustion is used to reduce particulate and NOx emissions in melting operations. Oxygen is also used for gasification applications for producing synethesis gas to make chemicals, fuels, electricity, hydrogen or steam.

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