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  • Flextec 500

    FLEXTEC 500P

    The Beauty of Simplicity
    If you’re the kind of welder who likes to keep it simple yet still do a lot, the FLEXTEC is the machine for you. This multi-process welder is easy to set up and easy to operate, but rugged and versatile enough for construction, fabrication, shipbuilding and other heavy-duty applications.

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  • Flextec 650X

    FLEXTEC 650

    – Flexible Multi-Process Capability –
    Including stick, Touch Start TIG® (DC), MIG,
    flux-cored, CV submerged arc welding and
    carbon arc gouging with up to a 1/2 in.
    (12.7 mm) carbon.
    – The Future is NowSM – You no longer have to
    pay a price premium to gain the advantages of
    inverter technology over conventional welders.
    – Faster arc response means smoother
    arc action and more consistent bead
    – Low power consumption results in daily
    operational cost savings.
    – Enhanced portability – typically 50%
    less weight, size and footprint.
    – Standard 15A 115 Volt Auxiliary Power –
    For 115 volt wire feeders, grinders, or lights.
    – Simple Operation – The user interface is
    designed with the operator in mind. Set up is
    easy for even the most novice welder.
    – Bright Digital Amp and Volt Meters – Easy
    to monitor, even in sunlight, and presettable
    for precise procedure control.
    – Compact, Durable Case – Tough IP23
    enclosure ensures the Flextec™ 650 will
    withstand extreme field environments.
    -Fully Adjustable Hot Start – Turn it to zero
    for thin material or dial it up to get the extra
    starting amperage you need for thick, rusty or
    dirty material.

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  • IdealARC DC 1000


    If your application requires pure welding power combined with multiprocess
    flexibility, then the DC-1000, with 1300 amps of smooth DC
    output, is your best investment.
    Designed for semiautomatic and automatic welding, the precise control
    of the DC-1000 delivers superior high amperage MIG, flux-cored,
    submerged arc welding and air carbon arc gouging with up to
    5/8″ (15.9 mm) diameter carbons.

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  • IdealARC DC 600


    Industrial DC
    Multi-Process Welders
    Rugged construction, simple controls and a 100% duty cycle output rating make these machines a sound investment for heavy duty shop applications. Add the outstanding traditional SCR rectifier arc action delivering high quality, attractive welds and your operators will agree – it’s hard to go wrong with an Idealarc® DC600.

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  • Power Mig 210MP


    Take it Everywhere, Plug in Anywhere.™
    »»Lightweight and portable–just 40 lbs.!
    »»Dual Voltage Inputs (120V or 230V) means
    you can plug into any common power supply


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  • Speedtec 200C


    • Compact and Robust, Innovative, Portable and Lightweight, Anyplace, Anywhere.
    • Multiple Tasks: Speedtec® 180C: CV MIG, FCW, Stick \ Speedtec® 200C: CV MIG, CV Synergic, FCAW, Stick, Lift
    • Power Factor Correction (PFC). More Welding Power, Energy and Cost savings, Generator Compatible.
    • User Friendly Operation: Icon control panel (Speedtec® 180C) Icon control colour TFT Interface screen
    (Speedtec® 200C).
    • Superior Arc Performance. CV MIG: Infinitely Variable Control of voltage, Wire Feed Seed and Inductance, Stick:
    Hot Start and Arc Force Control, TIG: Lift TIG avoids Tungsten contamination.
    • Backed up by a Two Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty.

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