Plasma Cutters

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  • Lincoln Electric

    Invertec® PC-210

    Portable cutting power up to 8/10 mm

    The Plasma PC-210 is the most flexible plasma cutting machine you could envisage. The unit arrives ready to go, able to cut fast and precisely. Powered from a standard 230V input supply, the machine is ideal for work on site. With the PC-210 cutting need no longer be a problem, forget the grinder, simply take the torch and cut in seconds.

    This inverter based machine is equipped with an integrated air compressor. This provides maximum flexibility without the need for a separate compressed air supply. And, with a weight of only 18.5 kg combined with its small size, this versatile machine can be used anywhere, anytime.

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  • W000030C

    Plasma Cut40K – Built In Compressor – 220V

    Code: W000030C
    PWM with Mosfet Technology
    Brand: TRADEWELD
    Model: PLASMA CUT40K
    Same reliability as the Cut40H with handy built-in compressor. Ideal for onsite work or vessel cutting
    where no extra hoses can get in the way. A must have if you are short on space. Cuts 12mm mild
    steel. Can also cut Stainless, brass, copper and aluminium with ease.

    Machine Specifications
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    • *Mains Voltage: 220V
    • *Rated Input Power: 7.0 KVA
    • *No Load Voltage: 230V
    • *Rated Output Current: 30A
    • *Rated Output Voltage: 94V
    • *Rated Output Amperage: 10 – 40A
    • *Pilot Arc model: HF Touch Start
    • *Duty Cycle: 60%
    • *Max Cutting Thickness: 12mm
    • *Insulation Class: F
    • *Housing Protection: IP21
    • *Weight: 27Kg
    • *Dimension: 590(H) X 195(W) X 410(L)

    Machine complete with built in water trap, built in compressor, earth cable and 5m PT31 Plasma

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  • Lincoln Electric

    Tomahawk® 1025 – 1538

    The Tomahawk 1025 and 1538 Plasma cutting machines are built to handle harsh environmental conditions using Lincoln tunnel technology to separate the PCB’s and sensitive parts from the contaminating cooling airflow. The improved mains voltage tolerances and robust metal case with large protective rubber corners also make these machines suitable for operation on site with a generator or within a workshop environment.

    The new Lincoln Plasma torches are designed to a focus on three elements. Starting: using an innovative striking system without HF to save and extend the lifetime of the electrodes. Performance: using a circular airstream at very high speed, coupled with special electrode and nozzle designs which concentrates the plasma stream. The extremely concentrated plasma stream increases the travel speed and cutting performance to best in class. Lifetime: the enhanced airstream cools the electrode and nozzle that extends the lifetime.

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