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  • M000030C

    MIG Wire ER2209 15Kg 1.20mm

    Code: M000030C
    AWS: A5.9 2006 ER2209
    Stainless Steel ER2209 1.20mm
    15Kg Spool
    2209 is used to weld duplex stainless steels such as 2205. The welds offer excellent resistance to stress corrosion, cracking and pitting. The microstructure of the weld metal consists of Austenite and Ferrite. The Ferrite content of the weld metal will be lower than the Ferrite content of a 2205 base metal. Welding of duplex stainless steels calls for controlled welding parameters to achieve specified mechanical and corrosion resistant properties.
    Layer Wound.
    Must be used with a shielding gas – Argon or Argon mix gasses.

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