Welding – Safety Comes First

Policeman, fireman and paramedics all live lives that require them to be 110% prepared for any situation throw their way. They’re known as high risk professions and are extremely prone to potential accidents and constant danger.
We often tend to forget about those working in construction. Think about it. There are many dangers that come with this industry. All the debris that could land on you or something silly ordinary and small like nails sticking out of a slab of wood that you could step on.
However, at the construction site there is one job that requires quite a bit of safety precautions, almost more than any other at the site…welding.
There are some key safety tips that all welders, and their construction site managers, should be aware of.

Stay Safe

Head to shoulders
Having a decent helmet and shield is where you should start. Make sure that they are 100% functional and heat- proof.

Clothing and accessories
Safety goggles and protective clothing is also a must. Spatter occasionally gets inside the helmet, so protect your eyes on the inside from potential sparks hitting your eyes. Having protective layered clothing that is in accordance with OSHA standards is as important as the above mentioned point.

Environmental hazards
Fire is a reality and a constant danger for welders. It is your responsibility to make sure that all potential fire hazards is eliminated and that you are working in a safe environment. Also, remove any kind of flammable material that is within your vision and within reach of the sparks.
Finally, the life of a welder shouldn’t be one of fear and constant thoughts of danger. It is a huge responsibility, but staying focused and level headed will ensure that you are well prepared for whatever happens while you’re going at it.