You may be considering a career in the profession of welding but where should you go to receive this kind of training in South Africa? E-Weld would like to assist you in sourcing the information you will need to obtain training and peruse a career in the domain of welding technologies.

The South African Institute of Welding

You may want to consider SAIW (South African Institute of Welding) where a variety of courses and training programs are offered under the instruction of qualified and experienced lecturers, aimed at furthering your competency with regard to welding technologies.

The SAIW Head office is located in Johannesburg but they have also extended the facility for training to their branches in both Durban and Cape Town. Situated at no. 52 Western Boulevard, off Main Reef Road in Johannesburg, the South African Institute of Welding technology presents a wide range of training programmes required in order to qualify as an engineer, inspector or practitioner. For over 30 years SAWI has offered internationally recognised training which has been developed through the knowledge of committees based in the industry and all courses offered by SAIW observe the already established worldwide standards.

SAIW was founded in 1948 and boasts a strong connection with other leading training organisations such as WITS (The University of the Witwatersrand) and TUKS (The University of Pretoria). Enrolment in the South African Institute of Welding will provide students with access to a host of activities which include conferencing, seminars and workshops designed to strengthen your knowledge and skill in the field. The certifications offered by SAIW are all approved by the IIW (International Institute of Welding) permitting the South African Institute of Welding the right to issue IIW diplomas.

For further information about the training programmes offered at the South African Institute of Welding, contact Certification Administrator Nasreen Mohamed telephonically on +27 11 298 2108 or via email at

The Eskom School of Welding

Another organisation that offers training in welding technology is the Eskom School of Welding who are partnered with the South African Institute of Welding. The goal of the EPWDP (Eskom Professional Welders Development Programme) is to boost the skill of local labourers and aid in the correction of the current unemployment problem facing the members of the South African community. The programme offered by Eskom uses the training and qualification system developed by the International Institute of Welding and is thus recognised at an international level.

The EPWDP has implemented a three phase curriculum which includes apprenticeship training, formal training and up to 11 weeks of SAIW training. In order to qualify for the Eskom Professional Welders Development Programme potential candidates are required to be South African Matric graduates with a minimum qualification of a level 3 grade in physical science and mathematics.

Through the Eskom Academy of Learning, Based in Midrand, the Eskom School of Welding hopes to train over 700 skilled welders in order to add to South Africa’s workforce. Students receiving training through EPWDP can receive qualifications allowing them to pursue careers as welders, welding engineers, technologists, inspectors, coordinators, supervisors or specialists.

Contact Eskom telephonically on 011 800 3304 or via email at if you wish to obtain more information about Eskom’s Professional Welders Development Programme.

We at E-Weld would like to encourage members of our community to engage in skill development in order to increase the number of individuals able to contribute to the industry in which we work. For any information regarding the products and services provided by E-weld please do not hesitate to contact us via email at you are also welcome to call us at +27 86 275 9604.