5 Tips to maintain your air compressor

Air Compressors

Air compressors don’t require much maintenance. Mostly you can just let it run and function as normal. It is important however to do regular maintenance on your air compressor if you want it to operate at optimal condition and to extend the lifespan of the machine. Here are 5 essential tip for maintaining your air compressor.

Change the oil

If your compressor is running using oil then you will need to check the oil regularly. When the oil is dirty it’s time to drain the oil and replace it with fresh clean oil.

Change the air filter

A soiled air filter makes it work harder to intake air. It allows dirt from the outside into the compressor causing congestion. Checking the filter on a regular basis and changing the filter when necessary will improve the conditions of your air compressor.

Check hoses regularly

Also known as the veins of an air compressor, the hoses are vital to how your machine performs. Check all the hoses periodically and inspect for cracks or corrosion. These could begin to leak and put strain on the other elements of the compressor. If a hose is cracked or damaged replace it as soon as possible.

Drain the compressor of moisture

The receiver accumulates moisture from the air being compressed. A humid environment will affect its ability to properly function. The moisture means that the compressor is condensed. If the compressor is condensed it will have less capacity to operate efficiently.

Clean heat exchangers

Heat exchangers work to keep the operating temperature of the compressor cool. With cooler conditions the air compressor is able to work optimally.

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