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Offering top of the range safety, a multi staged Acetylene regulator is a must have in a heavy duty or tough industrial environment. These flowmeters offer constant outlet pressure control without any user interaction, unlike a single stage regulator that need to be set at intervals to maintain correct pressures.
This type of regulator reduces the cylinder pressure in its first stage (Intermediate Stage) and then sends gas through to the second stage, which keeps the flow rate out of the regulator constant and at the operators pre-set requirement.
It consists of encapsulated valves as well as sintered metal cup filters and can operate at much higher flow capacity. There are 2 gauges, usually the gauge closest to the bottle indicates bottle content and the far gauge indicated outlet pressure. (But can vary on different models.)
*Delivery Pressure: 0 – 150 kPa
*3/8” bull nose nut thread
Paying half the price isn’t worth paying with your life.

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