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E-Weld Online offers free demonstrations and advice on every one of our Gas Products, as well as numerous other products that we supply.

Safety Advice:

We at E-Weld Online consider the safety of our clients and staff to be of extreme importance. We are here to help you with any concerns you may have, be it cylinder storage or handling of cylinders or material safety data.

Our People:

We believe in investing in our staff to provide you with the right products, right approach to ensure that you receive the highest standards with the most competitive prices to save you money. All our staff have been trained to furnish you with best service.

Industrial Gas Products:

Gas welding with oxygen and acetylene:

Acetylene is utilized with oxygen and is a highly recommended fuel gas for welding and cutting of metals due to its high flame temperature. Oxy-acetylene produces a flame temperature in excess of 6000 degrees making it perfect for welding and cutting.