Flash Back Arrestor – Ace Regulator 3/8


Code: G00023
A Flash Back Arrestor (FBA) is an essential piece of equipment that is precision made to prevent a flash back, which is a flame that travels in the opposite direction of the normal gas flow in either the torch being used or in the gas hose connected to your regulator.
A Flashback is usually caused by excessive pressure if the gas flow rate exceeds the capacity of the torch nozzle. The gas at the higher pressure will turn toward the lower pressure in your gas hose and explode.
The FBA has a spring loaded non return valve that prevents the gas from feeding backward into the hose. By Law FBA arrestors have to be fitted to either the torch mountings or the regulator mountings, or both. These are a must and could save your life.
*Acetylene Regulator Mount with 3/8” thread.
Paying half the price isn’t worth paying with your life.