Code: PPT31-1
The PT31 Plasma cutting torch is an industry standard torch compatible with 30/40A Plasma cutters without high frequency. It has a 60% Duty Cycle at 40A and is 5M in length, generally supplied with an 8mm RH threaded nut that screws onto the front of the plasma cutter and delivers air at extremely high capacity to the torch nozzle. It is supplied with a power cable (2 wires) and depending on what plasma cutter you have, the correct coupler will have to be soldered on in order to make use of the on/off switch. This torch is touch start and for use in drag cutting.
It has 4 consumables at the head of the torch that need to be replaced from time to time to ensure clean cuts. The life span of these consumables varies from machine to machine as well as from operator to operator. They are as follows:
The Electrode (Which is double sided – turn around when worn) – available in long or short
The Nozzle or Tip – available in long or short
The Gas Diffuser
The Shield Cup (This cup screws onto the front of the threaded torch and holds all the consumables tightly together.