Flux Coated Brazing BBR LFC 2.00mm


Code: B000010
AWS Classification – A5.27R CuZn-C
A general purpose Flux Coated Rod that combines flux and the brazing filler metal into a single form, used for Oxygen/Acetylene Welding/Brazing, this is a highly versatile rod with has a good tensile strength. Commonly used in the motor repair industry and especially the sheet metal industry. Can also be used on galvanized iron, cast iron, copper, brass and general mild steel. This rod can be used to join similar and also dissimilar metals such as mild steel to galvanized steel, stainless steel to copper, mild steel to stainless, stainless to copper nickel and mild steel to cast iron.
This rod has a general melting point of around the 880 degree C range and contains copper, manganese as well as silicone. Varying from supplier to supplier the rod is available in either 750mm or 1000mm lengths, in either 5Kg or 10Kg packaging.
Welding Material should be heated evenly to brazing temperature, avoid putting direct flame onto flux coating.