Tig Wire S/Steel 309L 2.40mm


Code: T000012
AWS Classification – ER309L A5.9
A stainless steel filler rod used in GTAW welding process used for joining stainless steels of Cr-Ni family, Cr steels or dissimilar steels e.g. austenitic stainless steel to carbon or low alloyed steels for service up to 320 Deg C. This is an Ausenitic stainless with a Ferite content of around 10FN.
ER309L can be used when joining mild steel welding alloy steel to stainless steel, can also be used to join 304 to itself or to 304L stainless.
Widely used to weld E3CR12 plate asnd in some applications can be used as a substitute for E308 or E308L. Not to be used as a substitute for 316, 316L or 316LSi as those applications require molybdenum – 309 contains no Molybdenum.
Welding Current DC (-)
Shielding gas recommendation – Argon