Tig Wire Silicone Bronze 2.40 ERCuSi-A


Code: T000040
AWS Spec: ERCuSi-A
Silicone Bronze is a bare TIG rod used to join dissimilar metals. Although Brass and Bronze may have the same appearance, while both are copper based, Brass is an alloy of copper & Zinc while Bronze is an alloy of copper & Tin.
This rod can be used with bronze brazing flux using Oxygen/Acetylene flame brazing, however the fumes produced from the zinc or Tin are hazardous, poisonous and could result in death if proper care is not taken to correctly ventilate the area or wear the correct respirator. Oxy/Acetlene brazing with this rod will also limit the benefits of this joint as problems will result in the cracking of paint or plastic coating applied after the welding process.
This rod is suitable for filling of gaps in cast Bronze applications, remember that bronze has around half the tensile strength of steel so this rod is not to be used for structural applications.
Very popular in the brass/bronze statue industry to join and fill gaps as well as non structural repairs on car bodywork.
Welding Current DC (-)
Shielding gas recommendation – Argon